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Witchy Swiftie Gift Box

Witchy Swiftie Gift Box

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Introducing the Witchie Swiftie Box - an exclusive collection curated for the ultimate Taylor Swift fan! Each box features an array of enchanting treasures designed to captivate your senses and elevate your style.

Unlock the magic with 5 mesmerizing 3x3 hand-drawn stickers, glistening with holographic allure. Perfect for adorning everything from notebooks to water bottles, these stickers are a must-have for any Swiftie's collection.

Embrace the mystical energy of Taylor Swift's iconic albums with our Eras-inspired crystal bead bracelet. Crafted with care, each bead represents a chapter in Taylor's musical journey, from the clarity of "Debut" to the inspiration of "Evermore." Feel grounded with Gold Hematite, tap into intuition with Amethyst, and ignite creativity with Carnelian, just to name a few.

But that's not all - express your love for Taylor and her powerful message with our vintage white bella and canvas unisex graphic tee. Featuring a hand-drawn illustration and the empowering phrase, "They're burning all the witches even if you aren't one," this tee is a statement piece that demands attention.

Indulge your passion for Taylor Swift and embrace your inner witch with the Witchie Swiftie Box. Elevate your style, channel your magic, and join the Swiftie sisterhood today!

Crystal Bead Bracelet Details: 
Debut: Amazonite - Clarity Fearless: Gold Hematite - Grounding Speak Now: Amethyst - Intuition RED: Carnelian - Creativity 1989: Blue Apatite - Manifestation Reputation: Green Goldstone - Energy Lover: Pink Tigers Eye - Confidence Folklore: Stormy Quartz - Balance Evermore: Peach Moonstone - Inspiration Midnights: Galaxy Tigers Eye - Wealth The Tortured Poets Department: Spider Web Jasper - Connection 13 Rainbow Obsidian Beads - Protection
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